Who are the Fungineers?

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The Fungineers are a super group of fantastic Funovators who create colorful music, videos, live shows, and more.

The Fungineers are led by Paragon the Cyber-Unicorn-Tron, part robot-monkey, part unicorn, all beatboxing DJ. This musical menagerie includes MC’s Lil Dino, Doctah Aqua-Sock-ta-Puss, Flavatar, Baby Swagress and the Sillionaire, plus an always-expanding cast of Fun friends and guests galore, all managed by the esteemed Janitor-Manager, Kyrian Gineerian. The synergy of this playful posse offer up an innovative invitation into fresh realms of play and possibility. It’s a kids show for adults, an adult show kids love, a teenage cartoon come to life, and a grandparent’s weird and wonderful Saturday night.

The Fungineers bring all their flavors out to shine in their unique live performance, an energetic and awe inspiring mix of original tracks, beatboxing and live-loop freestyle songs, interactive improv, video visuals, and costumed choreography. It’s a full sensory adventure that is silly, sexy and surreal.

Based in their secret hideout, the Funderground Station, located somewhere in the Pacific Northwest of the planet, the Fungineers are on an eternal quest to engineer brand new kinds of Fun for everyone. They are committed to self-exploration through artistic expression, and live to inspire a more colorful and jubilant existence. In essence, the Fungineers make Life more Fun!

  • Chappee

    I saw you at Burning Man 2013, and you were fucking amazing. Please return again!

  • Alreinha

    Art Outside was unbelievable. I can’t wait to attend another show and spread the fungineer love.

  • benXen

    You guys are great, I have never seen a show with such spectacular energy. Keep it up! And Paragon, you the best cyber-unicorn-monkey beatboxer ever!

  • Teddy Saunders

    #blewmymind #sooriginal

  • Remedy Musick

    Paragon you went off on that one! I love you so much man, oh my goodness. 😉 <3

  • Andrew Walsh

    You guys killed at Electric Forest! I never danced so much sitting down. I sat next to and met your friends Andrea and Kelly at the Observatory and it’s no wonder they had so many good things to say about you guys. Such positive vibes, amazing choreography, bumpin beats, and improv songs. I had the absolute best time. Thank you.

  • Philippli Jackson

    You made my EForest experience feel like cloud 9, thank you 🙂

  • 26k5

    If this was the same guy at EDC LV 2016, omg I could watch forever. next year main stage!

  • ranswan

    I love yall,,,, dick sock at basscenter has got to be one of the best live performances ive seen. keep doin it raw!

  • Eddy Perry

    I saw you at Middlelands and it was so amazing! thank you so much!

  • J Punx Acosta

    You were amazing this weekend!!! Thank you for coming to our little party in the woods! <3

  • Laura Cordova-James

    Loved your show at the park on Spring St, in L.A. Keep it up! More people need to know about you all.