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Paragon is hitting the road with his  purple party power hour show!

A musical menagerie of Fungineer original songs Mixed-n-Mashed with cheeky covers, remixes and improvised live-looped songs made on the spot with Paragon’s signature Wompy Beatbox style and funky fresh raps. Spread latharously with silly storytelling and playful audience participation that make it a unforgettable experience!

Paragon won “Best Cyber-Unicorn-Tron Dj of the year” in 2012!!!

More dates coming soon

  • Luc

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • cutty_mongoose

    who dem gwine go fungin?

  • jayglav7

    You guys are so good. Thank you!

  • Sarah!

    Can you fools come to Seattle? PLSOKRADTHXBYE!!11!!1!

  • Shalimar Valentine

    lil dino paper toy please yassssssss!