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Paragon is the one and only Cyber-Unicorn-Tron. His Dad was the King of the Robot Monkeys, and his mom was a sparkling Unicorn, they conceived paragon by accident when they musically harmonized on all 17th octaves of Awesomeness.

Music is his magic, he can manipulate sub atomic particles to create never ending novelty and more Fun now.

His first love and language is Beatboxing, forming bass whomps and fuzzy lip kicks before he could say words, he quickly became Fluent in fluffy buff stuff by exploring the edges of comfort zones.

Paragon lives to create saucey sound portals and head nodding party poppin silly sing-along songs. Keen experimenter with all aspects of music making, he’s a innovative MC, a booming beat producer and a party rocking DJ!

Paragon can see in 17D, his Unicorn horn gives him access to 17 delicious dimensions that he grabs inspirations and insights from. Riding sound waves, it tickles his fancy to Tronsmoprh teleport threw the endless excitement of fantastical worlds, creating Fun to share with all!

  • Luc

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • cutty_mongoose

    who dem gwine go fungin?

  • jayglav7

    You guys are so good. Thank you!

  • Sarah!

    Can you fools come to Seattle? PLSOKRADTHXBYE!!11!!1!

  • Shalimar Valentine

    lil dino paper toy please yassssssss!